John McGrath - Property

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Craig James - Investor Signposts

  • Growth in city home prices

    If you focus on housing markets in Sydney and Melbourne then you would conclude that Australia has a problem with exceptionally strong growth in home prices.

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  • The week ahead: home prices in the spotlight

    On the data available so far in January, capital city home prices have only lifted by 0.4 per cent, with Melbourne prices up by 1.1 per cent.

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  • Inflation trends higher

    It is clear that interest rates will stay low for an extended period - the Reserve Bank doesn’t need to cut rates again with inflation trending higher, rather than lower.

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Peter Switzer - Business, politics and the economy

Shane Oliver - The Economy

Martin Grunstein - Sales & Customer Service

  • Revenge – a business concept

    Customers who have been treated badly will take revenge and some will go to great lengths to do so, often inconveniencing themselves to make a point to punish the business that has treated them badly.

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  • Reduce the risk, not your price

    I find it strange that so few businesses give the consumer what they REALLY want when they ask for a price reduction, which is RISK reduction.

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  • Bad customer service in practice

    Let me share with you a few of the funnier/sadder/more outrageous examples of poor customer service my clients have contributed.

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Jason Huljich - Commercial Property

  • Commercial property outlook

    Overseas investment into Australian residential and commercial property markets dominated headlines in 2014, and for good reason. This year we expect overseas inflows, in particular from China and Malaysia, to continue.

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  • A tale of two cities

    When it comes to the things that tenants and investors alike are looking for in commercial property, it’s fair to say that Sydney and Melbourne are more alike than they are different.

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  • Commercial vs. residential: what stacks up?

    Commercial property investments – that is, office, retail or industrial – currently offer particular appeal.

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