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17 tips for customer service
All great businesses need to excel at customer service. Here are 17 tips for great customer service: Listen to clients for direction for diversification. Guerrilla marketing is a smart tactic when battling a big rival. Use customer and staff feedback lines to keep in touch. Piggyback off big stor... read more >

5 tips for brokers to tell their clients about buying property
by Robert GettensThe basic fundamentals of buying property, which so many people overlook. Take the time to research the area and market you are trying to buy into.  (Don't be priced out of surrounding areas by focusing on a specific suburb) Understand not only the buying process, but how yo... read more >

10 tips for your business leading up to End of Financial Year
While the recent federal budget failed to provide adequate relief for Australia’s small business sector, there were changes made to tax rules and superannuation contributions which should have small businesses taking note before the end of the financial year. This ten-point checklist from G... read more >

A broker's top 20 bucket list
Here’s our quick list of the top 20 things successful business owners need to do in order to have a great business and a manageable work-life balance.1. Have a sound business model2. You must have a passion for what you do3. Have a good relationship with a professional body4. Networking is ... read more >

How to build a successful customer relationship
Customer service can spell the difference between a good business and a great business. It’s important to also do the hard yards when it comes to your customers. Sure, you can win a job based on the calibre of your work, but chances are charm will also play a part. Customer service can prov... read more >

Systems for sales success
Business champion and US sales guru Jack Daly is big hit on the international speaking circuit and has cemented a great reputation by helping businesses sharpen their selling skills. For more than two decades, he’s been walking the talk – from leading global sales forces to building b... read more >

Innovation and marketing: the keys to success
Legendary US business brain Peter Drucker spelt out the basis for business success or growth in terms of two must do’s — innovation and marketing. And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense but many business owners ignore the obvious. Tim Pethick did it with Nudie — mak... read more >

Five foods to fight stress
Feeling stressed on an almost daily basis is something most of us are used to. Work, bills, money, deadlines, traffic jams, family and partners – with so many different stressors coming at us from all angles, it's no wonder so many people feel overwhelmed, as though there’s an inescap... read more >

Power to the people – building your business from the inside out
  No matter what business you’re in, success boils down to one thing – your people.  I’ve written before about business great and academic Jim Collins – in his best-seller Good to Great, he analysed many US corporate giants to see what was critical in their succe... read more >

Staff who fiddle
Fraud is a serious crime that some businesses are more susceptible to than they realise. Professionals such as doctors and engineers are often most at risk but all businesses, both large and small, are increasingly exposed and vulnerable to fraud. And what is more worrying is that it’s incr... read more >

When will uncommon sense prevail?
We often hear in the worlds of politics, economics and business the very apt lamentation about how the big problem is that common sense is unfortunately not very common. Well, a US business leader says he looks for something better — uncommon sense. The New York Times’ Adam Bryant sho... read more >

Confront the brutal truth
Why do most small businesses fail? There are a whole host of reasons for business failure and statistically cash flow problems always tops the list. However, the problem with these explanations is that the people who conduct these surveys know little about business. They think businesses fail be... read more >