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A broker's top 20 bucket list

Here’s our quick list of the top 20 things successful business owners need to do in order to have a great business and a manageable work-life balance.

1. Have a sound business model

2. You must have a passion for what you do

3. Have a good relationship with a professional body

4. Networking is key

5. Develop good communication skills

6. Employ suitably qualified staff

7. Planning and vision are crucial

8. Specialise

9. Maintain your skills

10. Organisational skills are a must

11. Have professional indemnity insurance

12. Learn to delegate

13. Deliver the best service you can

14. Use good computer programs

15. Ensure your website is relevant and up-to-date

16. Honesty is the best policy across all aspects of a business

17. Be upfront in relation to fees

18. Set a routine and stick to it

19. Avoid getting involved in the personal lives or affairs of clients

20. Structure time to look after your own personal affairs.

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