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5 tips for brokers to tell their clients about buying property

by Robert Gettens

The basic fundamentals of buying property, which so many people overlook.

  1. Take the time to research the area and market you are trying to buy into.  (Don't be priced out of surrounding areas by focusing on a specific suburb)
  2. Understand not only the buying process, but how your agents operate. (This can give you the upper hand as most agents have particular strategies.)
  3. Use proven negotiation tactics. ‚Äč(For example, agents may 'shop' your offer around to get a higher price, this can be avoided by submitting at strategic times.)
  4. Speak directly to agent as they may have properties 'in the works' specific to your brief. (Many agents are working on properties which may match your criteria. Pre-qualifying yourself may get you access early.)
  5. Act fast when you find the right property, and set a deadline when submitting your offer.  (Relates back to point 3, agents will stall to give other buyers a chance to submit their offer. By creating a deadline the agent is less likely to 'shop' as stalling may loose the sale.)


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