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17 tips for customer service

All great businesses need to excel at customer service. Here are 17 tips for great customer service:

  1. Listen to clients for direction for diversification.
  2. Guerrilla marketing is a smart tactic when battling a big rival.
  3. Use customer and staff feedback lines to keep in touch.
  4. Piggyback off big store advertising.
  5. Understand the challenges of potential customers and deliver solutions.
  6. Use public relations to inform the market of your success.
  7. Be customer and serviced-focused.
  8. Employ professional systems and extensive databases so staff can effectively service customers.
  9. Make sure your customers can contact you quickly.
  10. Use small business principles if attending to details and customer concerns.
  11. Make consumer-friendly products.
  12. Know your customer and share knowledge with key suppliers.
  13. Tap into innovative ways to access a new customer base.
  14. Do your market research and pursue export opportunities.
  15. Consider all potential market opportunities but don't risk it all by over-borrowing.
  16. Thinking and giving outside the business square can build customer loyalty.
  17. Customers are supportive of businesses with high community-caring ideals.
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